Aircraft plywood is the most durable type available. It uses hardwoods to create strong boards that can resist heat and moisture.

Plywood weight capacity is directly related to the flexibility of the plywood, thickness of the plywood, type of plywood, glue used to finish off the plywood as well as the layering process of the plywood.

Plywood Weight Capacity

The thickness of plywood / Weight capacity

On Center MeasurementThickness of PlywoodWeight Capacity
16 on center (oc)Thickness: 19 – 32”Weight capacity: 185 pounds
24 on center (oc)Thickness: 19 – 32”Weight capacity: 270 pounds
20 on center (oc)Thickness: 23 – 32”Weight capacity: 240 pounds
32 on center (oc)Thickness: 7 – 8”Weight capacity: 295 pounds
Plywood Capacity

What Does Plywood Look Like?

Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood is made of softwood wood like pinewood, redwood, and spruce. Softwood plywood is used for building sub-floors, sheathing, fencing, and even dog kennels.

The strongest hardwood plywood is generally considered to be the Baltic Birch, which is constructed with five-ply cross bands. With up to 12 layers of birch veneers, the Baltic Birch possesses exceptional strength, stiffness and stability.

What is the strongest hardwood plywood?

This strength comes from the cross-banded layers of veneers, which also reduce expansion and shrinkage. Baltic Birch also has a smooth sanded surface that takes a variety of finishes well. Its birch veneers also give it a sharp and clean aesthetic, complemented by the small patches and light patched streaks that are characteristic of its species.

The overall strength and stability of Baltic Birch is due to the combination of multiple plies, which makes it a perfect choice for applications that require strength and sustained performance.

Which wood is for plywood?

Plywood is typically made from softwood trees such as spruce, pine, fir, or cedar. The type of wood used to make plywood will depend on its intended use, as certain wood types are better suited for specific projects.

Is hardwood plywood better?

Hardwood plywood is generally considered a better choice compared to softwood plywood because it is stronger and more durable overall. Hardwood plywood is also less prone to warping, shrinking, and cracking than softwood plywood.

This type of construction means that hardwood plywood has a greater resistance to wear and tear from everyday use.

What type of plywood is strongest?

The strongest type of plywood is known as Marine plywood, a structural grade timber with excellent durability.

Marine plywood is typically made with Douglas-fir, Okoume, and Poplar as its core veneers. It’s common to use different surfaces such as mahogany, or any other suitable hardwood, to increase its durability.

Which ply is best?

The best ply depends on the specific project. Generally, the higher the ply, the stronger the material, but more expensive. A 3-ply would generally be seen as the minimum to achieve structural integrity in a project, with 5-ply or 7-ply demonstrating significantly higher strength.

For furniture making, 3-ply plywood is generally acceptable.