18mm Gurjan plywood price

plybasket plywood

18mm Gurjan plywood price

18mm Gurjan plywood price in India market starts from around ₹ 50 per sqft to 90 per sqft Depends upon the quality of plywood All the plywood which are available are not a Gurjan plywood But These plywood Face are Gurjan layer’s & rest of the layers which are used in Bounding plywood are eucalyptus tree, Neem tree, Babul Tree …e.t.c

plybasket plywood
Gurjan plybasket plywood

Available sizes are 8 ft Height x 4 ft width

Available Thickness Are : 19mm, 18mm, 16mm, 15mm, 9mm, 8mm, 6mm, 5mm

How to Know The Best Quality of Gurjan Plywood ?

If you Have an idea of identifying the layers of Wood then You can identify it with eye sight or else it’s very Difficult to identify the plywood Quality But still if plywood cut in two pieces then powder falling should be red in colour then its eucalyptus tree plywood if powder colour is white then its layers are made of popular plywood tree

100% Gurjan or 50% Gurjan layers Used in forming plywood sheet in the market are very Rare to Find in stores these plywood sheets are expensive and are around ₹ 90 per sqft to ₹ 150 per sqft these plywood sheets are naturally termite and borer proof plywood and its last for long life full strength Durable.

Gurjan plywood vs Eccalyptus plywood
Gurjan plywood

The layers of plywood are different in color one light dark and another darker in color the one layers which are very dark they are Guarani layers and which are Bright in Co lour are eucalyptus tree layers plywood In the market most of them sell eucalyptus tree bonded layers ply sheets with Guarani name and few also sell popular tree plywood which are not durable At least you need to Buy eucalyptus plywood sheet from market for making furniture at home or office because these sheets are also durable and long lasting for 15+ years as well these sheets are Borer & Termite Proof