Gurjan plywood, Water proof plywood

Termite & Borer

Proof 710 Grade

Gurjan plywood, Water proof plywood – The plywood is made by stacking the veneers obtained from the Gurjan trees one upon the other which is then firmly bonded using resins. The Gurjan plywood 710 has significant few properties such as toughness, superior strength and texture. It can also withstand heat and temperature due to its toughness and lasts longer. The core strength of this plywood is the resin used to fuse together the sections of Gurjan veneer. This plywood by using chemicals becomes borer, termite & fungus proof. The density of this plywood is also high, thereby making sturdy furniture. Gurjan plywood 710 can be used for exteriors and interiors as it is made waterproof with the addition of Phenol Formaldehyde(PF) resin.

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