Marine 6mm Plywood

Marine 6mm Plywood as the name suggests,  is a highly durable structured board  heavily used in the marine and boat industries due to its high moisture resistant core. This core makes this particular Plywood extremely resistant to expansion and rotting, further backed up by the fact that these boards are BS 1088 certified. These boards are manufactured from bonded veneers and the edges are glued with Phenolic Resin, ensuring ultimate durability and moisture resistance.Aside from its use in the marine industry, Marine Plywood is also ideal for use in external joinery, shelving and temporary structures.

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Our Marine Plywood is available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm12mm15mm18mm25mm and comes in a number of sizes: Marine grade plywood is a type of manufactured wood that has been treated to resist rotting in a high moisture environment.  Due to its characteristics, marine plywood is a bit more expensive than standard plywood.  Stronger than the conventional plywood which only has three layers, marine plywood can resist rotting, warping, shrinking and yes — even boiling water.  Marine plywood will have more than five layers bound together with a waterproof adhesive to help repel moisture and bear heavier loads.  As a result, the sheet will look similar to plywood but will be much stronger.

Marine Plywood

Marine grade plywood is designed to be used in environments exposed to more moisture than traditional plywood.  This plywood is commonly used for constructing boat docks, building boat decks or using it as a subfloor in a kitchen and/or bathroom.

This plywood will be stronger on its exterior because it has a larger number of piles and twice as many as the exterior, which significantly improves the strength.  Secondly, marine plywood has no voids, meaning the piles are continuous, allowing no air gaps to get in between the wood.  This means no reservoirs can form to collect water

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