Hafele Tandom Box

Hafele Tandom Box drawers instead of shuttered cabinets in spaces below the kitchen counter add convenience in accessibility and provide better ergonomics of working within the kitchen. Hafele brings to you its holistic range of drawer systems that make possible the installation of any application that you have in mind.

Pull-out set, Blum Tandembox antaro, with Blumotion cabinet rail, railing  D, system height K, drawer side height 115 mm - in the Häfele Vietnam Shop

Our Drawer Systems include a special range of sophisticated drawer channels and box-sides by BLUM. BLUM’s Standard, Tandem and Movento drawer channels come with the inherent functionality that BLUM is known for, worldwide. The Box-side systems by BLUM under the TANDEMBOX series come with integrated BLUMOTION (soft closing system) and can be clubbed with the TIP-ON or SERVODRIVE mechanisms.  You can further choose from the three available programme lines under the TANDEMBOX series, namely TANDEMBOX plus (metal sides with round galleries), TANDEMBOX antaro (metal sides with rectangular galleries) or TANDEMBOX intivo (metal sides with a design element)

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Hafele also houses a range of innovative drawer storage options like wicker baskets , metal vegetable baskets, narrow drawer cabinets, bottle pull-outs and base-liner pull-outs for effective and creative utilization of under-counter space. Hafele the world renowned kitchen specialist offers hardware fittings that help you design your kitchen the way you dreamt of it.

We provide you with options to pick and choose hardware that maximize the functionality and at the same time be in line with the aesthetics of your kitchen.
Functionality is the soul of every kitchen. Without it, the kitchen is nothing more than an assembly of good looking cabinets. Our constant endeavor is to make your kitchen more functional, ergonomically and aesthetically more appealing, so that every minute of your presence in the kitchen is a joyful experience. The Kitchen Selector gives you an exact idea about our products and helps you decide the products that would be best suited for your kitchen’s design from a wide variety of options available, making it look more elegant. To make your entire experience all the more enriching, Häfele offers a 360o service. We guide you right from the initial stage, i.e., in selecting the different products for your kitchen (using the Kitchen Selector), to designing your kitchen, and after selection once you have placed the order with our dealer, seeing to it that the products are delivered at the earliest

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