Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic is a high-quality artificial plastic material used to give a reflective high gloss mirror-like look to contemporary kitchen cabinets. It is made up of Polymethyl Methacrylate material which is commercially available as Crylux, Plexiglas and Lucite. They do not crack or chip easily as they are scratch-resistant offering a lustrous finish to the cabinet surfaces. Acrylic sheet for kitchen cabinets gives finishing is pretty much similar to lacquer(coating) finish which makes it the best choice for cabinet finishing if you desire a perfectly smooth and reflective surface. It is non-toxic, can withstand wear and tear and are heat resistant as well. It gives your kitchen cabinets a perfectly smooth and sheen appearance.

Acrylic kitchen cabinet doors are usually made of hardwood or MDF board and then covered with acrylic sheets to get the desired finish with the preferred color and texture of your choice. Acrylic finish is often confused with wooden finishes as they are available even in wood.

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Acrylic kitchen cabinets are categorized in two types – solid acrylic doors and cabinets with acrylic finished doors. Cabinets with solid acrylic doors are priced higher as they are made entirely of acrylic. This kind of doors look vibrant and they have an even color display. Cabinets with acrylic finished doors are mostly economic and budget-friendly. Acrylic sheets are pasted on an MDF board as the base material and this is a complex process of using this acrylic finish to kitchen cabinet doors. Acrylic is resistant to UV and is an ideal choice for the climate in India….

There is a whole wide range available in different materials and finishes all together you can select from to setup your modular kitchen cabinet. The most popular options are acrylic finish and laminate finish and some of the aspects in which they both differ from each other are mostly based on how visually appealing they look, the pricing of the material and their durability.

Apart from acrylic and laminate finish for kitchen cabinets, there are a variety of cabinet finishes available in the market such as membrane foil finish, stainless steel finish, polymer etc. The designs and the materials used for kitchen cabinets depends on the size and type of the kitchen.

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