High Gloss Acrylic Sheets

High Gloss Acrylic Sheets – A Diamond Finish Laminate is a premium laminate that has a high gloss surface and it is extremely polished, it is approximately 4 times more glossy than other laminates High Gloss Acrylic Sheets. The grain texture really accentuates the colors and appearance as stone. The surface resistance is far more superior to other conventional laminates.

Acrylic Laminates- A Hi-Gloss Trend Setter
Laminate Sheets by at Top Class Carpentry

Advance 1mm Gloss Finish Laminate is a stylish way to achieve a high gloss benchtop. The brilliant high gloss laminate is finished to perfection and has a refined striking appearance. The laminate is specially developed for horizontal and vertical applications in both commercial and residential interiors.

Advance Decorative Laminates in the Diamond Gloss Finish category offers a selection of colors and patterns to suit a broad range of styles that can be flawlessly incorporated with other laminate products. Glitter Laminates are especially preferred by professionals like architects, interior designers, and high-end consumers who wish to immerse their decor ideas with character and elegance. Flicker Laminates are a unique and stylish breed and it has a premium outlook. The designs can be overlaid on any solid colors. Copper Laminates come in a wide range of colors that offers high resistance from electricity and heat. Also, the laminates are fire-resistant, good flexibility with superior functionality and performance. Glossy Wooden Laminates are known for their smooth pattern, fine finish, durability, and long-lasting shine. Mostly, the laminates are free from any possible defects whereas Marble Laminates come in great features like resistant to surface wear, scratch-resistant, steam resistant, crack resistant, heat resistant, and dimensional stability. The decorative sheets are used to add stylish finishes to furniture items, cabinets, counters, worktops, wall paneling, and other installations

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