Duro Marine from the house of Duroply is the ultimate choice in Premium Marine plywood and Blockboard.

Being one of the most trusted firms in the industry this is our premium product with 24 years of experience of manufacturing and satisfied customers. Waterproof Marine Plywood made and tested against all standards as given in IS:710 ( BWP GRADE ).\

Best Quality 19mm Marine Plywood

Trishul Timber co offer range of Marine Plywood to customers from top brands at discounted price. In general term it is known as Waterproof Plywood or BWP 710 or PF plywood. This plywood is manufactured while keeping in mind for using at places where it contacted with water or high-moisture environment.

Why this plywood not effected by water, because it is specially treated plywood and bond with marine grade BWP resin that can endure extreme weather conditions and withstand alternate drying and wetting. During manufacturing process highly qualified and experienced expert supervise whole process right from selecting core & face veneers to preservation under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organism and to make the product insects, borer, termites & fungus free.

Brands available:

  • Green Marine Grade Ply
  • DuroMac Pf Plywood
  • Century PF Ply

The Indian Standards specification number for BWP plywood is IS:710


Available Thicknesses mm : 4 mm ,  6 mm ,  9 mm,  12 mm, 16 mm & 18 mm

Available Sizes: 8×4 & 7×4

Best Quality 19mm Marine Plywood

  1. Resistance to rot: The 710 Marine Plywood BWP has excellent resistance to rot, which makes it a great choice for outdoor projects.
  2. Strength-to-weight ratio: It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it ideal for large projects that require more weight than the material can handle.

710-grade plywood is much stronger than both MR and BWR-grade plywood. It also has superior waterproof quality.