What is BWP Plywood & How to Identify It?

For the fabrication of furniture in the home or office, plywood is the most popular material. In addition to giving your table a polished appearance, it gives it a more aesthetic appearance as well.

One of the most common plywood grades used to fabricate different types of structures is marine grade plywood (BWP and BWR plywood).

A termite infestation can cause severe damage to wood due to moisture and the difficulty of protecting it from moisture. However, plywood is the timber industry frontrunner due to some unique advantages that make it more rigid.

From the range of plywood grades available on the market, BWP is most commonly used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Read along to learn how to identify BWP plywood if you have been considering buying it.

What is BWP Plywood?

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Boiling Water Proof plywood is an acronym for this type of plywood. The plywood is moisture-resistant; it can withstand changes in atmospheric conditions and is not susceptible to boiling.

It should be noted, however, that BWP-grade plywood does not suffer from any quality loss when exposed to water or moisture in furniture or cabinets. As a result, it is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under-sink cabinets, and lofts that are constantly exposed to moisture.

Know Your Grade BWP Plywood

When it comes to crafts and interior décor, wood is highly regarded for its elegance and class. Your dream home will not only be filled with the bliss of peace but also a touch of luxury thanks to it. It goes without saying that nothing in this world is perfect, and the same is true for wood.

The main drawback to wood is that it is susceptible to rot and water damage. Additionally, it can also become infested with termites and borers. It was the plywood industry that came up with the best alternative to solid wood, which was much-needed for the timber industry. 

In order to manufacture plywood, thin layers of wood (called ply) are glued together and then subjected to high pressure until the glue adheres. A leader in plywood manufacturing in India, we have earned the trust of our customers and are recognized as a quality and trustworthy company.

How to Identify BWP Plywood?

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Various plywood manufacturing companies offer a wide range of plywood grades on the market. BWP plywood is hard to distinguish from stock because of this. Here are a few factors that help distinguish BWP plywood from the rest of the plywood pile. You can ask your local supplier or vendor, but that is not the most trustworthy way.