Plywood is made of cross- bonded core veneers and panel veneers, glued together under high heat and pressure to make a consolidated sheet that can be fashioned into different plywood elements, depending on the need. The choice of raw materials, such as the source of wood and adhesive used, and the number of piles defines the fineness of plywood. It has now become indispensable, especially in the building and furnishing solutions industry. 

Keep reading to know all the important information about the different types of plywood in the Indian market and their possible applications, to make a wise choice:


The furniture industry is blooming and so are the various types of design needs. However, plywood plays the most important role in the making of quality furniture. It is evident that sofa sets, dining tables and cabinets are the prominent furniture items in your living room. Therefore, choosing the most suitable type of plywood in India is very important due to our changing weather conditions.

Let’s go over some basic types of plywoods available in india:

What are the 3 Types of Plywood-

Hardwood Plywood-

The manufacturing of these plywoods involve gluing the plies perpendicular to one another. This process makes the plywood very strong and sturdy. Since hardwood such as birch, oak and maple are used for this product, hence, It is comparatively heavier than other types of plywood. It has a front and back veneer of hardwood.

Softwood Plywood-

The manufacturing of these plywoods involve gluing the plies vertically with a strong synthetic adhesive. This makes the plywood stay put and intact. These plywood are not too heavy as they are made up of softwoods like pine, spruce and cedar etc.These are used for structural applications.

Sanded Plywood-

These plywood are used for areas that are visible such as shelves, panels, bookshelves and more. Therefore, the top and bottom plies of sanded plywood are finely sanded and the surface is made smooth during the manufacturing process. They usually consist of three or more panels that have cross-laminated layers of wood veneer.

Range Of Plywoods Available At CenturyPly:

What are the 3 Types of Plywood

The variety of plywood patterns, textures and colours will not fail to spark interest in you. The following are some of the quality plywood options available at CenturyPly:

1. MR Grade Plywood

The first among the different types of plywood is perhaps the most widely known variant,  MR grade plywood. MR grade plywood is also known as moisture resistant grade plywood. It shows a good amount of resistance against moisture and humidity as it is treated with resins such as formaldehyde but MR plywood should ideally be avoided in areas that experience prolonged exposure to moisture, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

2. BWR Grade Plywood

The BWR here stands for boiling water resistant. The adhesive used in BWR grade plywood is phenol formaldehyde. Due to its considerably high resistance to water, this plywood is great for interior use. It is more expensive than MR grade plywood.

3. BWP Grade Plywood

BWP grade plywood refers to Boiling Water Proof. The price of BWP grade plywood is a notch above BWR plywood since it is longer-lasting and applicable in a lot of places. It provides great value for money as it is completely borer & termite proof, covered under warranty and therefore, lasts for a long time.