gurjan plywood or gurjan ply

Now a Days plywood usage has grown in India for the making of furniture in commercial as well interior purpose by many interior decorators as well by carpenters.Gurjan plywood is one of the best plywood to prepare furniture in kitchen,bedrooms,hall as well living place it can be used to prepare t.v units,modular kitchen,beds,wardrobes e.t.c

plybasket plywood is a plywood which is made of gurjan wood as well chemical treated and it is a water proof . It is a long lasting durable plywood it can be used for modular kitchen as well wardrobes and can be taken to use in commercial purpose now a days it is widely used in market it has high sale in market of furniture

A plywood which is made of gurjan wood then it is one of the best plywood among the best of best plywood of market in todays market gurjan plywood is used widely because it is naturally chemically treated it is termite and borer proof plywood

The roots of a tree are used to prepare veneer sheets (slices/sheets of wood). These roots are then stacked upon each other and firmly bonded using prepare venner sheets these sheets are used to paste on plywood for smooth finish and good looking colors grains

Plywood is made form tree logs these logs are pelled in small thin layer sheets then later several sheets are thus bonded together,to prepare a plywood sheet the core of the plywood and its front and back faces need not necessarily be of the same material. So only that plywood whose core, front and back faces is made out of Gurjan hardwood can be truly called as 100% Gurjan plywood. Since Gurjan is imported into India and is very costly, such 100% plywood also turns out to be very expensive compared to other varieties.

plywood is basically prepared with trees logs. A tree which is naturally Termite and Borrer proof Because of oil in the tree logs. These trees are found in Andhra pradesh , Gujarat,west bangal and few other states of India these trees are grow tall in height and the roots of these tree are also used to prepare veneer sheets

The plywood which is prepared by this wood are basically long lasting which has more then 50 years of life.

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