Metro Plywood Best Greenply Club 500 Plywood suppliers in Hyderabad  gives an enduring touch of protection for your home. Infused with anti-bacterial properties, it gives safe for carpenters and families.

It comes with a 500% lifetime warranty, furniture also provides a warranty to compensate for its value. The cost of plywood is low, and premium for life. Greenply club 500 plywood stages are:

1. E0 Formaldehyde Emission Level
2. Anti Viral + Anti Bacterial
3. Partially Fire Retardant
4. Borer & Fungus proof, Anti-Termite Guarantee

MarMarine Plywood – Suppliers in Hyderabad in thickness sizes are : 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

Metro Plywood Greenply Club 500 Plywood Specifications:

1. Formaldehyde Emission Level: E-0
2. Boiling Water Proof
3. Penta (5) Technology
4. CE certified
5. CARB certified
6. Borer & Fungus proof, Anti-Termite Guarantee
7. Vira Shield: Anti Viral + Anti Bacterial
8. Acoustically Effective
9. Partially Fire Retardant
10. Unextended BWP Resin
11. 100% Composed Core
12. IS 10701 (Structural Grade) certified
13. 15 Layered plywood for 19mm (additional 2 layers for other thicknesses)

Marine Plywood – Suppliers in Hyderabad

Greenply Marine 710

Metro Plywood Best Green Marine Plywood Distributors in Hyderabad used for all exterior and interiors plywood with composed core and panel, and its specialty is selected species of timber and bonded with un-extended BWP grade Phenol and superior quality wood.

Our product is termite resistant and borer proof, this boiling waterproof plywood is CE certified conforming to E1 Standards for Emission. Green Marine Plywood durability and economy are equally important. Greenply Marine 710 is available in different thickness sizes are 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm.

Metro Plywood Greenply Marine IS 710 BWP Plywood:

Marine Plywood – Suppliers in Hyderabad

1. Boiling Water Proof
2. 100% Composed Core
3. Selected Hardwood
4. Meets Technical Parameters of Marine Ply
5. BWP Grade Resole Resin
6. Borer Proof & Termite Resistant

Greenply Marine plywood Product is Specification, Grade – BWP Marine, Thickness is 4MM to 25MM, wood type is Hardwood, color brown.
Glue Used for Phenol, and give 21 years warranty,