National Plywood

national plywood

National Plywood Industries Limited, India’s premier manufacturer of plywood, block boards and flush doors, is synonymous with exceptional quality of products and unparalleled service to its distributors, dealers and customers alike. Originally established as a tea chest manufacturer in the lush tea belt of Assam in 1951, the company began exploring the then nascent business of plywood and related panel products and was incorporated in 1973. In 1994, NPIL expanded into the production of cutting-edge decorative laminates under the brands National Laminart and Uninational Laminates.

Over six decades later, National has come to represent a trusted brand with immaculate product integrity and market goodwill. Today, the company has a rock-solid foundation of state-of-the-art factories and a devoted nationwide network of offices, distributors, dealers and channel partners.


Plywood is arguably the most versatile and durable building material available, and an essential commodity in both interior applications and exterior construction. National Plywood has been a pioneering force in the manufacture of plywood for over six decades, setting benchmarks that have become accepted as the gold standard across the country. Over time, we have perfected the manufacture of plywood to provide National with a distinct advantage at every step. Our plywood is synonymous with quality, durability and reliability.

Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Plywood

National’s BWR plywood is made of 100% premium quality Dipterocarpus and Shorea assamica timber bonded with PF resin combined with preservatives – giving it the same characteristics as our BWP plywood. While BWP grade plywood is preferred for exterior applications, BWR grade is more commonly used in interior spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, although it can be used in exterior applications too. This product conforms to IS 303 specifications.

Moisture Resistant (MR) Plywood

National’s MR plywood has excellent resistant to moisture and is a commercial grade plywood ideal for interior applications such as wall paneling, furniture and fittings, interior door skins and ceiling linings – wherever exposure to moisture is low. While more economical than marine plywood, our MR grade product is also composed of 100% premium quality Dipterocarpus and Shorea assamica timber, bonded with the best quality Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) resin and fixed with preservatives in the glue lines to prevent insect infestation. This product conforms to IS 303 specifications


Our futuristic R&D team has devised the innovative Flexiply, or flexible plywood, transforming sturdy, 100% hardwood timber into bendable plywood sheets that can be manipulated into any shape without chipping, cracking or peeling, thereby retaining their strength and durability. Flexiply can be provided with or without treatment of face, and can be stained, painted, plastered or veneered as per requirements.

Film Faced (Shuttering) Plywood

Shuttering plywood is highly densified waterproof plywood with a smooth film coating on either face, hence the name film faced. Manufactured with glue line preservatives and bonded with PF resin in each layer, our product is resistant to corrosion, insects, extreme temperatures and water. Its durability, load bearing capacity and ease of application makes it perfect for use in cement formworks and construction. It is used in the casting of ceilings, walls, slabs, beams, pillars, etc., and to build factories, warehouses, sewers, bridges and other foundation work. Available in thicknesses of 12mm (weighing 30 and 34 kgs) and 18mm (weighing 50 kgs), this product is as per IS 4990 specifications.