Importance of Quality in Marine Plywood

marine plywood

When it comes to marine plywood, quality is of the utmost importance. Not only does it ensure the durability and longevity of the finished product, but it also ensures the safety of those who use it. The commitment of best Marine Plywood Manufacturing Company In India to quality is reflected in its use of high-grade materials, strict adherence to industry standards, and rigorous quality control processes.

  • Durability:While Bonding the layers of ply ensure the use of high-grade materials to withstand harsh marine environments and maintain its strength over time.
  • Moisture Resistance: Marine plywood is specially treated to resist rotting and decay in high-moisture environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Structural Stability: Marine plywood undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it has the necessary strength and stability to be used in construction applications.
  • Quality Assurance: plywood has a comprehensive quality control program in place, with multiple checks and inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that only the highest quality marine plywood reaches its customers.

 Unique Features Of Marine Plywood – Century ply

Marine plywood is the highest graded plywood in the plywood industry. This means that the quality of marine plywood is best among all kinds of plywood. The IS grade of marine plywood in India is IS710. Marine plywood, in layman language, is generally BWP or boiling waterproof plywood.

The name of these plywood suggests that these are used for the boat construction industry because they are highly resistant to water. Boats require a tremendous resistance to water. Hence, they are made to withstand long exposure to water. While BWP grade can do that, BWR can only resist exposure to water for a shorter span of time. BWP grade makes an ideal choice for homeowners and architects in making furniture for bathrooms and kitchens and other places that are frequently exposed to water.

Although the Marine plywood offered by CenturyPly is generally expensive, and differs from brand to brand, their strength is unmatchable. 

Types of Marine Plywood offered by CenturyPly

● Architect Ply

● Club Prime

● Bond 710

● Sainik 710


Archidply presents Marine Plywood with toxin check technology, India’s first eco-friendly plywood, which is specially treated to reduce levels of dangerous chemical emissions, making your home and office safer for you to live in. Archidply Marine Plywood is made from 100% hardwood timber, which has a high degree of strength and rigidity. Archidply Marine Plywood is bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin and processed through high temperature and pressure to keep the bonding intact even with 72 hours of boiling. The manufactured BWP quality plywood is given chemical treatment in a vacuum pressure impregnation process. The result is a boiling-waterproof plywood that is highly resistant to attacks from fungi, termites and other insects including marine borer.

Marine Plywood

Duro Marine Plywood

Duro Marine from the house of Duroply is the ultimate choice in Premium Marine plywood and Blockboard. It is chemically treated with permanent preservatives through vacuum pressure impregnation and adheres to IS 710-1976. This process ensures the highest level of bonding and it is so good that it is often used in Cooling Towers.Duro Marine is extensively used in woodwork in Kitchen, bathrooms, panel’s inserts, exposed cabins partitions and much more. Also is extensively used in the shipbuilding industry, for constructing barges, lifeboats, ship cabins, sauna bath compartments and other light marine crafts.

Duro Plywood