Edge Binding Tape -IVORY 1003

Edge Binding Tape E3 -IVORY 1003




0.8 Matt 50mtrs, 0.8 Gloss 50mtrs, 2mm Matt 50mtrs, 2mm Gloss 50mtrs, 0.8 Matt 25mtrs, 0.8 Gloss 25mtrs

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Edge Binding Tape -IVORY 1003

Within the span of four years, E3 Panels has become a house hold name and first choice of carpenters. E3 PVC Edge bands are of world class quality and are 100% MAKE IN INDIA.  At present, E3 Group is the biggest PVC Edge band manufacturer in North India.Read More

 The Designs and colours of the edge banding are very closely matched with all the popular colours of related products like laminates and pre- laminated board. The R&D dept is committed to introduce new colours and style in every few days. We already have plenty shades to offer and many more to come. Very batch is tested by qualified technicians to ensure that only the best material is delivered to customers. We are the first to introduce 50 meters packaging in Asia which already has a very good impact in every market and due to small packaging size, it has reached to every segment.

Types of Edge Band

Edge banding can be majorly classified into following:

According to Colour

  1. Solid
  2. Wooden
  3. Metallic
  4. Transparent

According to Finish

  1. Matte
  2. Super High Gloss
  3. Embossed


  1. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns matched to all popular  high-pressure and TFM surfaces.
  2.  Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control.
  3.  Concave back surface allows for maximum adhesion with minimal glue lines.
  4.  Superior machinability for easier processing.
  5.  Conveniently packaged for maximum flexibility.
  6.  Durable and impact resistant.
  7.  No splintering or tearing.
  8.  No dirty cut edges.
  9.  No separation in damp conditions.
  10.  Good adhesion to chipboard


With E3 Edge bands you get an array of sizes to suit all furniture needs. At E3, any customised size can be  produced on demand. [/read]

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