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Top 10 Plywood Brands In India

top brands

1.Century Plywood

CenturyPly is the unprecedented choice of architects and interior designers – they strongly recommend our products for transforming ordinary steel and concrete structures to expressions of one’s personality. From flexible plywoods that offer a unique blend of form and functionality to specially treated, fire fighting plywoods that find use in a myriad of construction purposes, we have the right products to target different building needs. Now in its 36th year of operations, CenturyPly enjoys a unique brand identity as the market leader, with offerings that are considered industry benchmarks.

We have developed technology that gives an additional layer of benefit to plywood like Virokill and Firewall technology. Be it eliminating harmful bacteria that could affect your health or putting up a safety wall between your furniture and an accidental fire, everything is possible with our products.

Additionally, we offer the benefit of authentic plywood with the advent of CenturyPromise app. Simply scan the unique QR code on your plywood & check for its authenticity aur raho befikar!

By giving more freedom to our users, we ensure they have more choices available that will help them in achieving what they desire. We are continuously working on new product concepts for today’s informed and discerning buyer – offering maximum choice to try out numerous permutations and combinations.

What is Virokill Technology?

CenturyPly Virokill technology protects your furniture against 99.99% viruses. It uses specially designed Nanoparticles based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism, for manufacturing of its plywoods.

These particles are by nature, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral. This technology has been branded as ViroKill. ViroKill antiviral and antimicrobial plywood can safely be used in almost every place around your residential and commercial space.

*Kills 99.99% viruses within 24 hours when tested as per ISO 27102:2019 standard.

What is Firewall Technology?

Firewall Technology gives customers critical time to act, save their own lives and others, call for fire-brigade, ambulances etc. The technology comes at no additional cost.

The revolutionary Firewall Technology from the house of CenturyPly enables select ranges of CenturyPly to be the best fire-fighting plywood available in India. It has been certified as the best in class to fight fire accidents and has some key properties that can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of a fire accident.

  • Firewall technology delays the spread of fire and does not act as a medium for spread or rapidly burn itself
  • Firewall Technology self-extinguishes itself once the source of fire is removed.
  • Firewall Technology emits less smoke protecting you from suffocation.

2.Green plywood

Being an extremely versatile product, plywood & blockboard is used for a wide range of applications, spanning from wardrobes and tables to shelves and cabins. With advancement in terms of technology and certifications, Greenply offers not just superior quality plywood & blockboard characterised by maximum precision, uniform thickness and greater strength, but also ensures safe indoor air quality. 

Topping the list of the best plywood brands in India, we at Greenply offer branded quality plywood at just the right price. If you’re searching for the highest quality commercial or marine grade plywood or blockboard (keeping in mind the various plywoods with different size, thickness and price in India), Greenply is definitely the right choice. 


Get home the science of plywood, with Green Platinum. Infusing the PEN Technology (Phosphate Enriched Nanoparticle) forms a protective mesh on the surface of plywood as well as inside the layers rendering it two times more fire retardant. Enriched with un-extended BWP resin, Green Platinum is two times as boiling waterproof as regular FR grade plywood. It also confirms to zero emission. But why let it end there? Get 2X the money back with 30 years warranty – that’s a promise of quality at its best.


With Green BWP blockboard, look no further for your interior solutions. Offering 252 months warranty, this blockboard displays improved resistance to weather and fungus. For all your shutters, shelves, doors, cupboards etc., Green will surely exceed your expectations.

Green plywood

3.KITPLY GOLD BWP Grade Plywood

Kitply Gold is a result of our brilliant Research & Development team that works tirelessly to raise the bar and maintain a competitive edge. It is exceptionally stable and is unaffected by chemical reactions, extreme pressures and temperatures.

Ever wondered why wedding rings are made of ‘Gold’? It is considered a symbol of trust and strength? Presenting Kitply Gold, the result of our R&D team’s brilliant work, inspired by this precious metal and its distinctive characteristics. Our product is exceptionally stable and unaffected by chemical reactions, extreme pressure and temperatures.

Our team tirelessly worked right from selecting the perfect veneer to formulating the ideal Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic resin. Kitply Gold is manufactured with utmost precision. It is our premium product and we can proudly say that it is the best that can be offered to our customers. It is manufactured as per industry standards, which means the plywood is Boiling Water-Proof (BWP) for 72 hours.


  • The most premium plywood from Kitply
  • It’s a Marine Plywood, hence moisture resistant
  • Durable and Stylish
  • Weather proof
  • Resistant to insects


Custom-made furniture for your home and office is like a work of art – everything from the first piece of wood to the final finished product deserves the greatest attention to detail. Naturally, there’s no room for compromise on quality or execution. At Greenpanel, we start this cycle of no-compromises from the very beginning.

Greenpanel takes pride in being the pioneer of the revolutionary Patented Quadra Pro Technology, a 4-Stage, multi steps manufacturing process, that ensures no blisters, de-lamination or warping so that you get the perfect piece of plywood (perfect thickness & defect free surface).


Greenpanel Club Plywood is a premium quality plywood, from the house of India’s largest wood panel manufacturer. It offers high strength and lifelong durability because it conforms to IS 10701. It is made from the best quality raw material which ensures high density, good bending strength, high impact resistance and surface finish characteristics. Owing to the nature of manufacturing plywood, most plywood’s emit formaldehyde. But in Greenpanel Club Plywood there are no emissions, making it absolutely safe for indoor applications in homes. Greenpanel Club Plywood is a zero-emission product, which makes sure that the health of the occupants is not compromised and health needs of occupants is duly addressed in the interior sector. This specially developed product comes with a lifelong guarantee, ensuring that you don’t have to worry for your piece of art, and have peace of mind for your lifetime. We have also introduced Anti-Virus treatment  to our product, making it safe for interiors. This product is virus proof making the surface safe for you.

One of the best safety measures that can safeguard your home is the fire retardant property in a plywood. We have added fire retardant treatment to our Greenpanel Club Plywood. The low-flammability nature of the fire-retardant plywood lowers the chances of spark or ignition. It is treated for flammability which reduces the chances of fire-accidents in your home or office. At Greenpanel, we start this cycle of no-compromises from the very beginning. So, If you’re looking for a strong and durable plywood, Greenpanel Club Plywood is your answer. Greenpanel Club Plywood is manufactured using the Patented Quadra Pro Technology with utmost care and love. It is calibrated on both sides for uniform thickness, and it goes through 3 level of preservative treatments with glue line protection to ensure it is borer-proof, microbiological decay resistant and termite proof. Greenpanel Club Plywood ensures lifetime durability and comes with a lifelong guarantee and is CARB certified, to ensure complete peace of mind for the consumers.


  • Places of heavy footfall
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture, interior designs, domestic and commercial buildings, cabinets and shelving
  • Boat, yacht construction, ship flooring and furniture and other marine applications
  • Building and construction purposes like beams and hoardings
  • False ceiling, wall and roof bracing
  • Sports equipments
  • Musical instruments
  • Insulation boxes

5.Durian Plywood

Our turnkey projects team looks after institutional projects across the length and breadth of India to create beautiful spaces for people to work in and create something together. Our efficient team of designers, fabricators, contractors, collaborate to ensure a complete interior solution for your space

Product Features and Specification


  • Borer Proof
  • Termite Resistance
  • 100% hardwood Made
  • Toughness of Gurjan
  • High Density
  • Wrap/Bend Resistant
  • Boiling waterproof grade

Material: Eucalyptus

Strength :Takes Weight Up to 213 Tonnes

Warranty :13 Years

Grade: BWR


Made with 100% hardwood, the PRIME BWR Grade Ply offers unmatched performance. Boiling water-resistant grade and bend resistant it helps you in laying a strong foundation for tomorrow.


Samrat Power Ply super-strong plywood is born when the best Burma Garjan Wood gets shaped with a bit of awe, reverence and exclusivity. The preservative treatment carried during the production processes makes the plywood durable & long lasting. Widely appreciated by our customers for being powder proof, termite resistant & long lasting.

Manufacturing Details

Made from uniform quality veneer, selected from hard wood species from Burma.Veneers are bonded with phenol formaldehyde bwp grade resin under high temperature & pressure using pre-pressed technology.Treated with fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection from attack by micro organisms.Specific stress receiving treatment given to check anti-warp properties which keeps it dimensionally stables in both excessive wet & dry condition through out its life.


  • Borer proof & termite proof

Kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture, Moisture prone areas like paneling on walls etc.

Test Results

Moisture Content  – Below 12%
No de-lamination after Boiling  – 500 Hours
Adhesion of plies  – Excellent
Modulus of elasticity –  (N/mm2) > 6000
Modulus of rupture –  (N/mm2) > 5000
Specific Gravity –  More than 0.65
Screw holding strength – More than 100 Kgs
Nail Holding strength  – More then 50 Kgs.
Water Absorption – 1%


Action TESA HDHMR is a registered trade mark of Balaji Action Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. It has many characteristics which make it apparently the first choice of consumers and influencers. HDHMR characteristics include High Density, High Moisture Resistance, Borer Resistance, Termite Resistance and a ready to use smooth surface.  HDHMR is manufactured using hard wood and its density is over 850 kg/m3, it has a uniform density gradient & a compact core which gives it the best routing characteristics. This is achieved by using special German Technology for MAT formation & 8 cylinders, 18 daylight press-the 1st in India. Action TESA HDHMR is tougher than any available plywood in the market and it is moisture resistant too, which makes it an ideal board in extreme moist climatic conditions.  Action TESA actually revolutionized the interior infrastructure industry by extending fore stated inherent properties at a very nominal cost, thus replacing plywood rapidly across PAN India. Excellent performance of these boards has succeeded in overcoming the traditional myth regarding plywood pertaining to toughness & longevity. It is needless to mention that Action TESA HDHMR  is real value for money & certainly a better option.


Boiling Water Proof, FR is Born Tough HDF Board. It is developed to cater to specific needs of Kitchen and Damp areas. It is Fire Retardant too and tested against national and international standards to ensure better safety. Its density is above 1000 kg/m3 and makes it suitable interior application having wet conditions, high load bearing surfaces, high traffic and high temperature areas. Great product for all seasons The BOILO boards are suitable for all environmental conditions, these boards are also resistant to fungus, making them ideal for damp spaces. Choose from wide range of Colors By selecting right colors same kitchen, cubicle and other spaces will look considerably large and beautiful. Choose from the range of fantastic shades and even new colors can be made, if required. Action TESA Boards gives you real value for money & certainly a better option: Action TESA actually revolutionized the interior infrastructure industry by extending fore stated inherent properties at a very nominal cost, thus replacing plywood rapidly across PAN India. Excellent performance of these boards has succeeded in overcoming the traditional myth regarding plywood pertaining to toughness & longevity

9.National Plywood

India’s premier manufacturer of plywood, block boards and flush doors, is synonymous with exceptional quality of products and unparalleled service to its distributors, dealers and customers alike. Originally established as a tea chest manufacturer in the lush tea belt of Assam in 1951, the company began exploring the then nascent business of plywood and related panel products and was incorporated in 1973. In 1994, NPIL expanded into the production of cutting-edge decorative laminates under the brands National Laminart and Uninational Laminates.

Over six decades later, National has come to represent a trusted brand with immaculate product integrity and market goodwill. Today, the company has a rock-solid foundation of state-of-the-art factories and a devoted nationwide network of offices, distributors, dealers and channel partners.

Plywood is arguably the most versatile and durable building material available, and an essential commodity in both interior applications and exterior construction. National Plywood has been a pioneering force in the manufacture of plywood for over six decades, setting benchmarks that have become accepted as the gold standard across the country. Over time, we have perfected the manufacture of plywood to provide National with a distinct advantage at every step. Our plywood is synonymous with quality, durability and reliability.

Marine plywood, named so for its use in ship-building and other marine applications, is waterproof, making it perfect for areas exposed to moisture, both inside and outside. This product is capable of handling alternating wet & dry conditions without the risk of delamination, swelling, warping and rotting, even when submerged. With our use of carefully selected Dipterocarpus and Shorea assamica timber that give it strength and minimize core gaps, BWP grade phenol formaldehyde (PF) resin that makes it waterproof, and preservatives between every layer using the glue line preservation (GLP) process that protects it from insect infestation, National’s BWP marine plywood is dimensionally stable and extremely durable. This product conforms to IS 710 specifications.


Archidply brings to you, Lamyply & Lamy board, your ready to use solutions. Your work will now take lesser time & will be cost effective so you can meet your deadlines. Lamyply is a combination of BWR Grade Plywood and decorative laminates. BWR Grade plywood is made out of chemically impregnated hardwood timber and international glue line technology ensuring the product is 100% borer-proof. In-house manufactured decorative laminates are then pressed upon the BWR Grade plywood at 140° temperature, 14kg/cm2 specific pressure for 12- 14 minutes. Impregnated tissue paper is used in between decorative laminates and BWR plywood for better bonding. The resultant Lamyply has 50% more strength than the normal plywood strength. Similarly, Lamyboard is manufactured by pressing decorative laminate on blockboard. The BWR Grade plywood, BWP blockboard and decorative laminate are manufactured under strict quality standards as prescribed in the lSI framework.
Salient Features
  • Machine pressed
  • Resin bonded ready to use product
  • Cost Effective
  • Available in one side Laminate and Both side Laminate
  • Lamyply available in MR, BWR & Marine Grade Plywood
  • Lamyboard available in BWP Grade Board

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