What are the different plywood grades?

What are the different plywood grades? Today plywood is not made from 2-3 different types of veneer species, but a variety of them like Gurjan, Maple, Cherry, Rubber, Mahogany and so on. You also have an alternate or combination of two veneer plywood. With the introduction of such a variety of grades and brands in plywood, many times even professionals in the same field get confused while buying.

These days low quality plywood is given a finish or color similar to that of a higher grade plywood. This makes it all the more difficult for not only home owners but also professionals to recognize the quality or grade of plywood, as well. There are commercial plywoods that are available without dipping, marine plywood, plywood’s with dipping, etc. If the commercial plywood is undergoing dipping then it becomes difficult to know the actual grade and quality of plywood. Dipping plywood is a process used to colour the plywood.

Brown 19mm 710 BWP Gurjan Plywood, Size: 8x4 Ft, Rs 120 /square feet  Karsons Resources Private Limited | ID: 22504967597

Many times a brand offers schemes and discounts that home owners may not be aware of. Here unethical dealers may sell plywood at the original cost to skim the margins. They may also resort to mis-selling customers lower grade plywood, taking advantage of the lack of awareness in the market. Iif the carpenter starts working on plywood immediately, it gets even more difficult to know the grade of plywood that is handed over. Therefore it’s very essential for home owners to learn the basics of identifying the different grades of plywood.

It is estimated that only 30% of homeowners receive a grade of plywood they actually want. Most times, the homeowner gets cheated with the grade or with the type of plywood he wants. If at all a homeowner receives a grade of plywood he wants, he gets cheated on with the cost. He would end up paying double the price as they are not aware of market rates.

When looking for the best plywood types in India, you must be smart and aware of the different brands and variants that are available in the market. There has always been a myth that plywood that is manufactured by top brands will always be of the best quality, but that’s not always true. The turnover of these brands is quite high, which means the manufacturing process is not done in-house. Usually, companies will outsource their plywood needs to countries like China, which compromises the quality as well. In the end, if you can’t trust the top brands then how can you identify the best plywood in India?

You must consider the location you want to renovate. For instance, if you want to build a bathroom door then you will have to go for water-resistant plywood, and if you’re looking for plywood for a kitchen table then it should be moisture and fire-resistant. You must determine the location and then look at the various plywood grades in India (Commercial, BWP, BWR), to select the right grade for your use case. If there is no proper research before choosing plywood, then the results can be disastrous.

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